Digital Products

Digital Pen

The Digital Pen is a ground breaking solution that bridges the gap between the most rudimentary “paper and pen” data entry environments and electronic documents with usable and searchable metadata. Digital Pen allows users to complete paper forms using a highly sophisticated ink and laser pen. The pen recognizes the form it is working on and records all handwriting and other strokes. A digital copy of the completed form is then uploaded to a verification program to ensure the accuracy of the handwriting recognition. From there, the completed electronic copy of the form and its associated metadata can be uploaded to a content management system and information derived during verification can be exported to third party databases.

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Digital Camera

CPS’ own Digital Camera Interface is a great addition to any Laserfiche system that houses digital photos. Not only does DCI provide users the ability to easily upload photos from a camera directly into their Laserfiche repository, it also passes searchable data along with the images.

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Digital Recorder

CPS’ Digital Recorder solution is an excellent way to store and retrieve volumes of audio clips. Digital Recorder helps users better organize audio clips by storing them in Laserfiche and giving them searchable data.

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